Meet Stacey Simon

Founder, Producer, Writer, Director, Photographer and TV Host

Stacey Simon realized her love of art, performing and television at a very young age, when she played the lead in the children's classic fairy tale of Hänsel and Gretel in her school production.

Her love for the arts continued from childhood into a young adult, where she experienced success in commercials, television and motion picture appearances, along with an active professional modeling career that had her traveling throughout Canada, United States and Europe. Her photos have appeared in many published magazine covers, advertisements and articles.

Later on she switched gears to become a television host and sports announcer for television and internet shows. The opportunity to Host different styles of shows from a fashion journey on the road to delivering sports news in a highly energetic vibe, gave her new insight and experience. Having the freedom to collaborate and put her passion for writing to use on the shows gave her motivation. Her background in the film industry inspired her not to limit herself to being only in front of the camera but to follow her heart's desire to write and create.

Stacey soon after embarked on a journey to write, produce and direct her first screenplay titled ”Where Innocence Lies”. She was awarded “Best Film and Director” as a new filmmaker in a short film category at a Toronto Film Festival. The pleasant surprise of winning an award for her first attempt at filmmaking gave her the confidence and reassurance to continue with her passion for creation.

With numerous years of experience in the film industry, corporate world and a keen eye for creativity, Stacey finally decided to follow her dreams. She made the move to start her own production company, LiLoLa Films. The Film and Televison Production company allows her creativity to flourish and produce exciting, engaging and entertaining programming. Her passion for filmmaking awakens with her current documentaries, television programs and films.

”Experiencing both sides of the camera, as well as being the Lead Executive and Creative Producer has to be the most fulfilling gift I have yet to experience” She has been quoted saying. ’LiLoLa Films has a great team of respected, talented and experienced professional’s. We truly love what we do. It’s not just in our brand, but in our soul”.

Stacey is always ready for the next exciting and innovative challenge.